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Free online radio streaming via SKY.FM

Music is one of the most famous endorphin in my life, I listening to the music whenever and wherever  I  wanted to, but maybe sometimes you get bored to the same old playlist that you heard everyday, you need some updates but you are too lazy to download it or buy it. Actually, this situation is quite simple to be solved. Continue reading

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‘Tron: Legacy’ DVD Release Date Announced (+Blu-ray, 3D)

Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment has set a definitive home video release date for Tron: Legacy as well as the original Tron movie. Continue reading

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Finally ^_^

After I got my web was crashed, I keep wondering how could I get back my web again, but then I got sick of the webhosting that has so much limitation with the FREE Account. So I choose to going back to wordpress, hopefully this is my very first starting point to make myself keep writing.


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