Free online radio streaming via SKY.FM

Music is one of the most famous endorphin in my life, I listening to the music whenever and wherever  I  wanted to, but maybe sometimes you get bored to the same old playlist that you heard everyday, you need some updates but you are too lazy to download it or buy it. Actually, this situation is quite simple to be solved. If you are using iTunes, WinAmp, AIMP, or any music player you already have will be useful to get rid of the boredom. Most of music player nowadays supports live internet radio streaming, all you need is just simply get the URL address of the radio stations and paste it to your music player. This trick is always working for me, I have an internet cafe, and I have to be up-to-date in serve my customers with enjoyable music any time.  SKY.FM is one of my favorite radio station which provides various genres of music that you can pick based on your musical taste. The list below is URL playlist collection of SKY.FM with AACPlus music format, so it will requires less bandwith of your internet connection rather than using MP3 format streaming, but without losing the quality of the radio streaming itself.

List of Radio Streaming by SKY.FM

“solo piano”
“piano jazz”
“bossa nova”
“simply soundtracks”
“contemporary christian”
“datempo lounge”
“classic rock””
“alternative rock”
“indie rock”
“mostly classical”
“new age”
world music
“love music”
“a beatles tribute”
“top hits”
“urban jamz”
“classical guitar”
“free jazz”
“smooth jazz”
“best of the 80s”
“roots reggae”
“hit 70s”
modern jazz
“classic rap”



  1. I think that this is a GREAT service to all those who find Sky FM’s downloadable streaming files a pain in the butt to find! I have managed to find Mostly Classical’s ‘pls’ file twice, but can NEVER remember how I clicked myself to it, and it’s not as if I have a < average memory, it's just that Sky FM's website is not very intuitive, aka NOT USER FRIENDLY! Three cheers therefore to Shinigami for making life a bit easier for everyone who occasionally loses his/her 'pls' file due to reformatting of the hard drive, a virus, or whatever! Arigato!

  2. is the best of all !!! And for that reason it is good to support them ! The monthly fee is only 5$/month and by doing that, you get acces to and, the sister stations of sky. It’s realy worth the money.

  3. Thanks for this. I haven’t been able to listen to since they changed their url quite some time ago. I finally decided to hunt down their streaming url and I ended up here. Now at last, my app RadioTray (Linux) now streams again.

    Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much! I’m not sure why doesn’t have the .pls downloads available like Digitially Imported does, but you’ve saved the day. FYI to others, has several more channels than those that are included in this list…to get the .pls files, search for the exact name on the site, and replace that with the channel name in any one of the links above.

    Ex: if I wanted the Uptempo Smooth Jazz address:

    1. Copy and Paste any of the above URLs into the address bar (
    2. Replace “oldies” with “uptemposmoothjazz” (
    3. Press enter and your file should come up to download.

  5. Thanks for posting these. I have a folder on my desktop with links to a lot of these things and, today, almost none work. These work. I don’t know how you found them, but I really appreciate the help!

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