Flowing like a lifestream

It came from the eyes,
Captured a strangest feeling to someone’s heart,
I’m looking for a perfect soul to rely on,
Then I stopped to find since I’ve found you.
Many moments we’ve been through together
Some words had been declared
Some promises had been vowed
Some hearts are bounded
Some stories have been noted

It came from the deepest place
Compared to another wonders
But it has nothing to compare with
It’s all might be undeniable indescribable unbelievable
Many explanations becomes inexplicable
Sometimes the sun shines so shiny
Sometimes the sky’s black and cloudy
Sometimes the rain pouring like it will never have an end, but . . .
Sometimes there are rainbow decorating after its leaving

. . . Since you’ve know
It came from the endless spaces
Convince your heart to believe it’s real
Then it won’t stop flowing like a lifestream
Many joys reached from something unpredictable
Something needs sacrifice to be build
Some said we’re too young to know
Some reasons will be clear when it’s time has come
Someday we’ll know it will be true, only ME and YOU.


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